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1)Thank you for posting the picture of your three beautiful Colt's-I'm impressed!

2)I'm curious about your Colt Model Three-Fifty-Seven? Has this gun been fired-or, fired much at all?
The Three-Fifty-Seven may have been fired just a handful of times. It has hardly a trace of a turn line but the bluing is just about perfect. There's not a blemish on it. I've not fired it. I saw it on GA just after it was listed and bought it right away, $600 IIRC a year or so before I bought the Trooper. Like the Trooper, it also came with its original box and test target.

3)Although, I don't yet have a 6" Model Three-Fifty-Seven, I do have a new (Unfired) 4" Three-Fifty-Seven, that I got from the original owner-and he had this gun lightly engraved, with a simple-yet, a nice design pattern. Mine is a 1960 vintage.
I called Colt about mine a while ago and IIRC they quoted mine's a '61 or '62 (towards the end of their production run). These guns seemed to have come around in the last few years, folks are grabbing them as soon as they turn up. They're nice because they use the same lockwork as the Python. My preference is for 6" bbl, I like those proportions, but it seems that 4" guns tend to be more popular.
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