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Originally Posted by RickB View Post
Interesting! I was completely unaware of 30rd magazine lore, beyond "avoid cheap fakes", without knowing how to identify a fake.
CMP has a nice review of 30rd mags, though it appears to be almost fifteen years old, now, and could probably use some updating.
I have four 30rd mags, all of which have been "in the family" for 40 years, and only one is a USGI mag, the others all being commercial, if not "fake".
The Korean mag I bought ten-ish years ago, has all of the apparent "features" of a USGI mag, unlike the commercial models.
Yes that is a very good resource along with a few others
Just beware that some reproductions are REALLY good
I’ve been been buying carbines for more decades than I care to admit
Yet I’ve been burned a few times because I failed to look close enough

Another thing to watch for are the scum making fake mag bricks
They buy the surplus wax paper
Wrap cheap commercial mags with it
Then portray as NIW WWII surplus... ugh!

I even saw a guy put high value mags on either end of the brick
Then invite the buyer to “open one end” to verify
Little did the know the entire middle were ProMags
Freaking scum

Fortunately I’m old enough (ugh) to have been around when you could hardly give away Carbine mags
I can still remember buying sealed cases of mag bricks @$1 per mag
I fortunately still have a few unopened cases
Younglings speak of the pleasure when removing the screen protector on a new iPhone
Meh... I’ll take unwrapping brick of Carbine magazines ANY day

This post prompted me to check auction prices on hardbacks
There are a few BIN options under $100 for NIW
That’s actually not too bad of a price
When this batch dries up they will climb back $150-200
That is until their possession becomes a felony

Sad days...
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