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I suggest folks NOT buy 30’s unless they are willing to fork over the cash for a hardback

IME aftermarket 30’s are more often than not trash
So by the time you buy 3-4 just to find one that is reliable, you could have just bought a hardback

USGI splitbacks are hit or miss as well usually due to being beat
And most of the USGI marketed 30’s are knockoffs
Interesting! I was completely unaware of 30rd magazine lore, beyond "avoid cheap fakes", without knowing how to identify a fake.
CMP has a nice review of 30rd mags, though it appears to be almost fifteen years old, now, and could probably use some updating.
I have four 30rd mags, all of which have been "in the family" for 40 years, and only one is a USGI mag, the others all being commercial, if not "fake".
The Korean mag I bought ten-ish years ago, has all of the apparent "features" of a USGI mag, unlike the commercial models.
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