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Originally Posted by stagpanther View Post
I was being serious--it is much easier for me to acquire and hold on the 22 point dot than the 30 one but for some reason I tend to hit the much smaller target dot more frequently than the bigger one--I'm wondering if some kind of focus adjustment would alleviate that if it's an optical phenomenon of some sort (?). Or maybe I'm just imagining things--won't be the first time.
I might suspect some variation on natural point of aim might be involved.
For giggles try rotating the paper 90 degrees clockwise so the 30 is at the top and shoot down the page to the 22.

When I was competing in small-bore rifle where the targets had 10 bulls for score I found that the amount of movement shooting in the number sequence (across the target 1 2 3) was more work, especially when shooting prone, and lower scores than shooting the score bulls in column order (1 4 6 8) on the NRA A-17 or A-36 targets.
All data is flawed, some just less so.
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