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I have a Tikka stainless in 260 and have hunted with it for maybe 5 years now. Super accurate rifle, and I normally use 120 gr Nosler Ballistic Tips in it. I call it a “270 Lite”, since the 120 gr MV is 2800 (20 inch barrel), versus a 130 gr bullet in the 270 at 3000 fps. My Sako 270 stays in the safe these days.

As for the round becoming obsolete, I doubt it. I see articles saying the 280 and the 220 are obsolete. I was out last evening with my 220. And why would anyone need a 257 Roberts or a 250 Savage. And, a lot of the guys that were saying the 6.5 Creedmore was perfect for long range target shooting have switched to the 7-08 or 6 mm Creedmore or the 6.5-284. Maybe the 6.5 CM is becoming obsolete. There will always be 308 brass to neck down, but will there always be 6.5-250 Savage Ackley Improved (6.5 CM)brass? OR, if you insist that the 6.5 CM is a necked down 30 TC, the same question applies.
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