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Thinning out the forend on a Marlin 1894

I recently had a chance to handle a Winchester model 94 In 30-30. I currently own a jm stamped marlin 336 in 30-30. While in possession of the two I put them together side by side, and notice the marlin had wider forend. The 94 felt better in the hand do to the thinner forend. Has anyone ever shaved any meat off a marlin lever action forend? The reason I ask is in I'm looking at getting lever action in 357 magnum. I'm torn between between a marlin 1894, or a rossi 92. I really like the 92 with it thinner forend. But it seems like nightmare to disassemble. I know the Marlin is much easier to disassemble. If I did get a Marlin I would have to go with a current production. All the JM stamp 1894 marlins in 357 are asking far too much. At least ones I'm seeing at this time period.

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