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It seems we lead different lifestyles.
Indeed. And at the risk of sounding terribly over dramatic, errors on my part meant the very real possibility of losing my life rather than as in your situation just a job.

And those "buffoons" you speak of, are often local and state police, both in and out of their offices, and in close physical proximity in public (I'm not in or associated with law enforcement).
Yeah, plenty of buffoons wearing badges out there including the ones who got Robin Ahrens killed. Cops are not necessarily the gold standard. I'm not particularly impressed with your analogy regarding whatever the heck point you were trying to make with that comment.

I wasn't trying to tell you that your model 26 or 17 couldn't be concealed under the right circumstances. Only that you're lying to yourself and anyone listening it you don't appreciate the advantages of a ACTUAL concealable weapon.
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