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Originally Posted by zoo View Post
I'm not saying anything isn't possible if you have buffoons maintaining security at wherever you're attempting to enter.

Why do you assume I've been speaking hypothetically or as an "internet expert"?

Are you honestly trying to convince us you surreptitiously carried Glock 17 or 26 pistols into the same kind of places you packed your Seecamp?

If so, I'm thinkin they weren't really concerned about you packin.

Or maybe you own stock in a particular kind of pistol holster company.
Well, so far, I haven't had to find out, because no one has seen that I was.

I'm not speaking "hypothetically" here, Ive been doing this for over 40 years now, and have yet to have been outed doing so.

And those "buffoons" you speak of, are often local and state police, both in and out of their offices, and in close physical proximity in public (I'm not in or associated with law enforcement).

As I said, some of us do actually carry guns concealed on a daily basis, all day, every day. And realistic guns to boot.

This isn't about fashion statements or something similar, it's about a lifestyle you choose, and you either do it, or you don't.

It seems we lead different lifestyles.

And no, I'm not associated with an holster companies either, but I do have a couple of favorites that I've found to work very well for the active lifestyle I lead. And of course, that's an ever ongoing thing too, and constantly being revised as better things come along.

If you can't carry and conceal something realistic, it's because it's a choice, not because it's not possible. And that's fine, do what you want. It's just annoying to be told you "can't" do it, by someone who "won't" do it, and because of that, figures others couldn't possibly do it, simply because they won't, or in their mind, can't.

"Can't" is such a negative word. Open your mind, there's a whole different world out there if you do. The only one holding you back, is you.
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