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Originally Posted by zoo View Post

I respect much of your input at this site but quite frankly sir that statement is simply inaccurate and silly.

No offense but obviously you've never been in need of real concealment such as that which can be achieved with the seecamp or similar vs something as large as a glock 26.

Ain't about your comfort, it's about what you can get past the bad guys.
I carried a Seecamp in a number of ways, and found that a Smart Carry worked the best for me, especially in places I couldnt afford to be discovered.

It didnt take me long to figure out that I could carry my 26 in the exact same place, and in the exact same way, just as easily, and just as comfortably, and carry a full size reload in the same holster with it.

Ive been doing that in NPE's, on a regular basis, for about 13 years now. At the very least, I just lose my job if discovered. Its not a game either, its just life.

I also carry a Glock 17 with its reload, on a daily basis as well, year round too, and have had no issues doing that in places and ways Im often told by internet experts, it couldnt be possible.

Seems some of us actually do, do things, and others just tell us its not possible. Kind of hard to take those people too serious, when you do it all the time, "for real", and youre constantly told, its not possible.

As far as comfort goes, Ive always found things like the SC and IWB/AIWB, to be quite comfortable, and very concealable. I would be interested in hearing your experiences that might be contrary to that though.
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