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Originally Posted by TruthTellers View Post
The OP is specifying deep concealment and to me, pocket carry isn't deep concealment. DC is carrying in places far from normal or in a less than ideally comfortable method. This is where size, weight, and the shape of the gun become very important. Generally the lighter the gun, the less the size and shape matter. The heavier the gun, the more it matters.
That's what I mean by "relative". For instance, pocket carry with a pocket holster was the constant in my case. In that context, the difference between LCR frame types was negligible. So if pocket carry is an option for the OP, and a revolver such as an LCR or alloy J-frame will work, then the LCR 327 could be a good option.

The question here will boil down to (1) whether pocket-carrying a centerfire revolver is possible in the first place, and (2) what types of pants the OP wears, how well they work with it, etc. I've played around with the second consideration. Proper pockets matter. Then it can come down to things like pleated versus flat front. Wranglers are great if work doesn't require more formal attire, and dark colors are generally better than khaki.

If it doesn't work, it doesn't work. It's really nice if it does though. As a class, I feel like the small centerfire revolvers offer a higher level of reliability, ease of shooting, and better caliber choices versus the really small guns.
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