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Originally Posted by TruthTellers View Post
The OP is specifying deep concealment and to me, pocket carry isn't deep concealment. DC is carrying in places far from normal or in a less than ideally comfortable method. This is where size, weight, and the shape of the gun become very important. Generally the lighter the gun, the less the size and shape matter. The heavier the gun, the more it matters.
If you use the right gear, size and weight really arent that much of an issue.

I easily carry a Glock 26, along with a spare 17 mag as a reload, where I used to carry my Seecamp 32.

And I can do that on any given day, comfortably, in a pair of shorts, with no shirt if I choose.

Now, if you insist on a Speedo, the Seecamp would be the better choice.
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