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Originally Posted by Cosmodragoon View Post
The number on paper looks more substantial than it is. It has to be considered in context with carry method and relative difference.

The LCR 38 was my three-season EDC for a few years. It was exclusively pocket-carried in an Elite Survival pocket holster. I have a couple pairs of slacks that didn't cooperate fully but in most pants I own, it was an easy EDC.

Then I switched to the LCR 327 and it really wasn't a big deal. That little bit of extra weight in the magnum frame is apparent when handling them side by side. When it's loaded, in a pocket holster, in your pocket; not so much. I carry the LCR 327 just like I carried the LCR 38, in the same kinds of pants, doing the same kinds of things. It's a seamless part of my day, just like the LCR 38 was.
The OP is specifying deep concealment and to me, pocket carry isn't deep concealment. DC is carrying in places far from normal or in a less than ideally comfortable method. This is where size, weight, and the shape of the gun become very important. Generally the lighter the gun, the less the size and shape matter. The heavier the gun, the more it matters.
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