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I'm with those who say you probably shouldn't carry if it is illegal where you (or your friend) works. Face it, you won't be facing jail time in addition to being fired if caught unless it is illegal. You go to jail for carrying illegally and you lose your freedom and all your rights, and when you get out you lose your right to carry anywhere or even to own a gun. Also, as others have said, it definitely sounds like you are talking about the schools, and as a teacher, I don't think it is a good idea to carry in a state that doesn't allow you to carry in schools on your CCW permit (should you be "allowed" to, of course, but it isn't worth the risk). Carrying so much as a pocket knife or pepper spray (any weapon) is illegal under federal law unless covered and allowed by your state CCW permit.

All carry methods can fail. When jail and not just embarrassment (or firing) is the possible consequence, that is pretty drastic. I live in MD where most people can not get a CCW permit. I won't say I never carry here in MD, but theoretically if I would it would only be in the most occasional (2 or 3 times a year) and drastic of circumstances (I have to go to a questionable part of town at night and can't get out of it, I have to go to a really bad part of town during the day and can't get out of it, in some cases having to go to an ATM at night might count and in others it wouldn't). Things fall out of pockets, pants legs hike up your leg, shirts and jackets lift, etc.

As a teacher, my solution so I'm not totally helpless should something occur, improvised weapons (yes, it sucks). I have always liked nice pens, and a heavy Waterman or Mont Blanc pen made of metal can do some damage if employed right. A heavy wood cane umbrella can be useful as a hand to hand weapon. A letter opener, or scissors... All these things are not primarily weapons, and they have obvious other uses, so they won't get you in trouble, but can be effective hand to hand self defense weapons. I know it sucks, but when the chances of getting caught carrying a weapon and getting in major trouble are much greater than the chances of actually needing the defensive weapon, I err on the side of caution and don't carry a gun (or at work, a knife or pepper spray).
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