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If you want substantial deep concealment, be prepared to pay substantially for it. Something like the P32 is probably the cheapest option in a decent caliber, but an LCP in .380 is more powerful, but weighs more too.

If you want max ammo capacity, it's hard to beat the Beretta 950 with 8+1 of .25. Can't say .25 is powerful, but 9 rounds in a matter of seconds is going to hurt.

For revolvers, you're stuck with a .38 in a super lightweight snub, either a 12 oz Charter, a 13.5oz LCR in .38, or some S&W alloy J frame, which will cost a lot.

I can't say which is best, but I can say any gun is better than no gun and the NAA has been the smallest, lightest, and highest quality option for a long time now to have a gun.
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