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I've had several jobs where I'm not allowed to carry but I am fully able.
It's always easiest when the uniform doesn't require you to tuck in your shirt. Like right now. It's up in the air, I opt not to tuck and all is well. HK P30L or Glock 17.

Now if I have to tuck in my shirt, I've carried a USP 9 Compact with an UltiClip on a minimalist holster. The UltiClip clips onto the pants themselves and not the belt, so it'd very difficult to see it hiding behind the belt. A Glock 26 and 36 have been carried this way as well as my P30L a couple of times has been tested, but felt too ballsy to try out.

Ankle carry is up next for me. As it allows me to carry my Glock 36 that way. But I have to use a more liberal pair of slacks that I'm not too fond of on certain days.

Pocket would be next. I'd have to buy a J-Frame because I no longer have my Smith and Wesson 360PD.

Last would be off body carry in my backpack. That's where I get to "let me look for another job" territory".
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