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articap: it is a smooth bore, however I do not have an inside micrometer to help determine caliber

mapsjanhere: that actually answers a question I had: when did they start labeling origin on barrels. Thanks for the answer! That particular proof mark was used from 1893-1968, so it that coincides with the country of origin labeling.

To my untrained eye the fittings look a little to crude to be the work of an accomplished gun smith. Possibly of pakistani origin, maybe a Khyber Pass special? Although I don't see the point of trying to pass off the gun as "original" Belgian by going through the process of marking the barrel without at least attempting to forge a much easier makers mark elsewhere on the firearm.
I did scrape the brass in an inconspicuous spot and it is in fact solid brass, not plated. Not sure if that matters or not?
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