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The "Quick Reply" function was disabled here many years ago. The reason we don't support it is that it wastes more time than it saves. Folks would hit "Quick Reply" on a long post, pasting the whole post into their reply, only to answer just one of several questions, or even worse, type a "+1" at the end of the quote. This forced everyone to do a lot of scrolling and made many threads unwieldy.

It's much clearer when people quote just the part of a post they want to respond to, and it saves everyone's time. Compared to that, the time required for someone to cut-and-paste a quote into their reply doesn't amount to much.

If you'd like to read a guide to all the nifty things you can do when quoting, including adding the name of the person you're quoting within the quote itself, nesting quotes, linking to the original post, and a whole lot more, see the stickied thread at the top of this forum, "How do I quote from a post?"
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