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You'll find lots of misinformation even in threads that are not locked. None intentional and mostly by folks who mean well. But in the firearms community there are probably more old wives tales, myths and legends than most others. Lots of guys take grandpa's advice without ever fact checking and continue to spread the myths. Lots of grandpa's advice may have been accurate 50 years ago, much of it never was. It just took a while for the proof to get out.

But most of the time someone chimes in with accurate information. But it is often hard to tell which is accurate and which is not. I'd never advise taking anything you read on the internet as factual. It is great to read the opinions of others. But unless you can verify it, most information it should just be considered opinion.

And much is intended as opinion. One of the more common topics is which gun should I buy. I'll gladly give my opinion, and it will often differ from many others. Neither is right or wrong, just opinion.
"If you're still doing things the same way you were doing them 10 years ago, you're doing it wrong"

Winston Churchill
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