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There's a reason that basically all professionals and experts in the field of self defense say you should use JHP rounds. They are safer for everyone involved, except for the target of them.
I would have no issue with using FMJ ammo. Apart from that i would have no choice as expanding ammo is not allowed here for self defence. I also think the effectiveness of expanding ammo is questionable don't believe everything ammo manufacturers tell you when it comes to handgun ammo.

Missing the intended target isn't as uncommon as you seem to think.

Some may have been shot accidentally by police officers who responded immediately,” Bloomberg said." In other words of the (at least) 11 people shot yesterday, 2 of whom fatally, the NYPD was responsible for 10 of those shot, 9 of whom were literally "collateral damage" in a non-shoot out, and the NYPD, in missing their designated target
PS there is no perfect round but on the list of things you want in ammo penetration is number one. Sometimes you are going to get over penetration. There have being cases were expanding ammo has not penetrated enough the Miami shootout for example.

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