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I have the ABC News app on my iPhone. A day or two ago there was a piece entitled, "The One Man Who Might Stop Gun Control in the Senate." I clicked on it and was delighted to see they were talking about my favorite Senator... Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn. They listed out various things he has stopped in the past and speculated that he would be willing to do it again.

I've been wishing for years now that we had more Senators that were as fiscally conservative as Senator Coburn. He is that very rare politician who votes to reduce programs and spending EVEN WHEN passing the bill would put money into his district or state. He has taken a lot of flak for it in OK when he voted against bills that would have funded some OK project. But he is consistent, we must explain how we will pay for it first.

Hopefully he will be able to link up with some other like-thinking Senators and filibuster anything that is introduced.

The sad thing is that he has already announced this is his final term. He won't be running for reelection. He is going to go back and resume his medical practice. We will DEEPLY miss him when he is gone. And I mean all of us, not just people in OK.

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