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Danner makes a pretty good insulated boot if your not wanting a pack boot. I have a pair with wool socks I have ridden the Harley in 30 and 40 degree weather all day and not had cold feet.

First and foremost unlike some products there is no such thing as a good cheap boot, that has been my experience. I have worked in the mountains and construction most of my life wearing boots. I could be wrong and there are good cheap boots I just never found any.
Whites , Wesco, Nicks, all are great boots. I know there are others but these are concidered among if not the best out there. I wear Danner's 18000's a lot the're close but not quite as heavy as the others but are enough for me in most situations.

For most applications lightly insulated boots with good wool sock can do a pretty good job, and you can take some cotton socks along easy if you get to warm.
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