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1. I need to make sure to count my shots. I was shooting L-10 for the first time today, and I hit a popper that triggered 2 disappearing targets with the last round in my mag. I transitioned to the DTs!

2. The scrimping and saving that I did for 4 months of layaway to get my new Wilson pistol was worth every penny. I've only had it for a week and I was only able to get out to the range once with it before the match and shoot 100 rounds. Even with that little experience I still did very well. That gun's got me looking good, and I'm only gonna get better as I use it.

3. There's never one right way to shoot a stage. We had a very complex stage today with a fence with the portholes and targets on both ends. For the brave souls among us, all targets could just barely be hit through one of the three available ports. I chose discretion over valor.

4. Most important thing I learned today, don't wear a brand new , unbroken-in pair of undies. They were riding up on my junk all day!
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