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Thank you all for speaking up. I am taking my time, have read, read and read, lurked on reloading forums, reading anything and everything that sounded remotely related, have purchased most of the tools, and components, and haven't pulled the handle the first time as of today. I believe in the old saying "measure twice and cut once."

With the .223 brass, the ABC book says to lube the inside of the mouth with graphite lube (so there wont be any to mix in with the powder. Do you do this, and if so, brand/type? BTW, I do have the carbide dies.

I plan on doing some case prep today. I have sorted the brass by headstamp (all the .45 brass I have does use the large primers), will tumble and de-prime, measure case length and trim as necessary. I got the Frankford arsenal tumbler, any tips?
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