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Smart guy, asking questions. Congratulations.

The primer crimp does indeed need to come out. What the crimp does is "stake" a ring around the old primer so it will not blow out of the case during firing, possibly causing a jam during combat. Only military ammo normally has a crimp. It has to be removed or reduced in order to get a new primer into the pocket. If you try to insert a new primer without removing the crimp, it most likely won't fit, and it will be crushed. You can use the RCBS or other tools, or if you're careful you can use a chamfering reamer to just remove a little brass from the edge of the primer pocket. The problem with using reamers is that it's all too easy to remove too much brass. Hard to replace that brass.

You also said you're starting with .45 which is indeed a good cartridge to learn on. It's low pressure and is more forgiving than .223. For your pistol cases I would absolutely, positively, certainly recommend using a carbide sizer, and that way you don't really need to use any case lube. Doesn't hurt to use it, and makes sizing easier, but not at all necessary. If you need case lube, and you sure will for rifle cases, try Imperial Sizing Wax. It comes in a little tin, and all it takes is a little smear on your fingers wiped across the case. Very economical. I've been reloading 45 years and Imperial is the very best lube I've found. I have stuck cases with other lubes but never with Imperial. Take that for what it's worth.

Take your time, learn as much as you can, and be safe.
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