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Was the fella telling me correct, that you can leave the crimps & use a certain primer that will fit them?
The clerk was not correct. You may need to carefully review (against what you read in the manuals) all that the clerk told you. There might be other inaccuracies.

Starting off with .45 is a good idea. They are much easier to learn the basics...and you can easily check to make sure everythin is correct before going to the next reloading step.

Swages are most commonly used to remove crimps. Using pressure, they remold the brass to form a rounded edge on the primer pocket. RCBS makes one that will work. It must be carefully adjusted for each maufacturer and possibly year of brass. Dillon makes a better one, but it is expensive. Lyman makes a cheap tool that reams the primer pocket.

Keep asking questions.

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