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SERPA holster testing...

The video was very informative and offered a lot of practical insight.
I'm left-handed and was looking into a new Blackhawk SERPA unit for a duty Glock 17 9mmNATO to use on a contract deployment to Haiti last year.
I was aware of the locking/jam problems from other web posts but to see it was a real eye-opener.
I know Safariland SFS line is popular with a few SEAL/SWCC units and is in use with a lot of LE spec ops(SWAT, warrant service, hostage rescue, etc).
The other holster systems like Blade-tech, Fobus, etc are not that hot either.

The ALS locking design may be secure but for hard use, PSC(security contract details) or jobs in remote areas, I think the regular SFS style may work best.

That said, I would not rule out the regular kydex Blackhawk rig for low threat range use or limited CC.
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