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Originally Posted by spacemanspiff View Post
I am also "blessed" with 'extra-padding', but typically I do not have many issues when I put on a OWB. My usual carry is IWB with a tuckable from High Noon, and a belt from, well they aren't in business anymore, but its a sharkskin belt. The gun is either a full size 1911 or a Sig 228.
Are you seated for long periods of time? If it weren’t for that, my volund belt would probably work great. Lol.

I think the only detail I didn't glean from the thread is which position do you set your holster at? If I am carrying IWB, its usually 3 - 330. OWB I go a little further back, 4-430, and my OWB holsters are canted, not sure how many degrees, but whatever the typical cant is.
I carry my holster strong-side on my right hip between the 3 and 4 o’clock position. I think it has the standard, 10° FBI cant if I’m not mistaken.

Have you tried inquiring at a local leather shop for belt or holster ideas? They might be able to customize something for you, that ordering online might not be able to provide.

As of now, no. I’m only on my first actual gun belt; well, unless you count my other two belts I tried that I already had, that I don’t think really count anyways because as flimsy as they are, especially failing the droop-test, they’re just pretty much nothing more than a thick leather dress belt in my opinion.

But I may have to do that if this new belt I bought doesn’t work.

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