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Originally Posted by Aguila Blanca View Post
I'm afraid I can't help you, because I have the opposite problem. According to my doctors, I am "obese" (but not "morbidly obese") -- which means "stout" in plain English. I have no trouble wearing an OWB holster, but when I try IWB the extra notch or two needed on my belt to allow the gun and holster to fit inside my waistband doesn't allow my pants to stay up very well.

Perhaps maybe you can help me, since whatever you do works, and you seem to be of similar, well-fed build as me...Lol. I don’t really think my gun choice matters because for one, I consider my little single-stack XDE Springfield and kydex pancake holster to be fairly light and I’ve heard of a lot of people carrying a full-size, all stainless steel 1911 in complete comfort but, what belt do you use? What holster do you use?

Sometimes I wonder if that might’ve been part of my problem when I carried an ultra-light Ruger LC9S IWB was from the hole spacing and the flimsy-ness on either of those leather belts and if this nylon stiff belt I have been wearing, would’ve yielded better results.

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