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Originally Posted by Skippy View Post
I've always had a concealment issue carrying owb but not a comfort issue, even when the best belt/holster combo. Pancake style is best but still sits off the beltline to much for me unless I'm wearing a jacket.

FWIW, suspenders that clip to the belt are the best way to go so the belt isn't cinched so tight.

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Man, I was hoping not to hear the spenders recommendation but I’ve kinda thought about that being my only solution. lol.

If I wore a jacket all day every day, I’d just look into a shoulder holster but that’s not gonna happen.

I’ve currently gone back to pocket carry just to give my gut a break but, I really prefer OWB carry for better accessibility.

As far as printing, I’m really not concerned about it since here in Oklahoma, nobody really cares about full commitment to either open carry or concealed carry so if I print just a little bit, it’s no big deal. My new longer t-shirts cover up pretty good so maybe to the trains eye, one might know what’s under my shirt tail. Lol.

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