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Jeff I was only half serious with my post, I was trying to stir up a friend of mine here. It bothers me when I hear police officers refer to 'civilians', they seem to forget that they too are civilians. It is that mentality that bothers me. I like what you tell me about Kentucky. It does bother me that there are laws in many states that do not allow, or seriously restrict, nonlethal defense weapons. Without the less lethal alternatives, well, we know what can/will happen. The private citizen needs the same options available to defend himself that the officer (public citizen?) needs to do his job. I agree that there is a problem with 'posers' who want to act like police for whatever reason but I do know an individual who carrys handcuffs with a unique bit of reasoning. He is an older guy, 71 years I think, with asthma. He was a serious martial artist and shooter for over 25 years and is still more than just competent. He carrys the cuffs because, he reasoned, if he defends himself successfuly without killing someone he will handcuff them because when the adrenaline wears off he will have a hard time breathing and during this time is at greater risk because of it. He does not want to be attacked again while he is in respitory distress. I try not to question why anyone has what they have because my preconcieved notions have been challenged in the past.

Once again I hope I didn't want to work people up with that post, well, only one person. But I think there is a valid point to be had in all this.
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