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Carry what you want.If a store will sell it to you then don't feel so guilty.As long as you're using it in a defensive situation then what's to worry about?Many people carry handguns illegally for the same reason.I personally don't see a need for civilians to own handcuffs other than for the bedroom but if you want to risk a lawsuit them by all means carry them.I carry an ASP in a state that doesn't allow them but I'm not worried because it would only be used in a non-lethal defensive situation that would prevent me from escaping harm and risk having my CCW taken and used on me.My state is so bad that ASP's,stun guns OC spray are illegal to own for the civilian.What the hell kind of state doesn't allow it's citizens to protect themselve with non-lethal weapons?!You'd think that a state that is raping our rights of handgun ownership that they would at least let people carry a stun gun or pepper spray

The moral of my story is f#@k 'em.Carry what you want at your own risk.
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