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Gun Control

I am far from being a gun control Nazi. I am in favor of Gun Training. I sell knives at many gun and knife shows. One of the guys who sets up close to me sells Bushmasters. You should see the people buying them! Look like the lead characters from "Night of the Living Dead". And, when the adrenaline is fired up and a shoot/don't shoot situation arises, chances are this guy won't be able to clear a jam or may take out his neighbor rather than the BG.

So, not only do we let him loose with an AR-15, we give him a knife, baton, flamethrower, stungun and mace. And when he shoots, beats, ignites, electrocutes or fogs someone, the 24-hour news services have a field day and we have further attempts to restrict our Second Amendment rights.

That is exactly what gun control is based on. Citizens can protect themselves with oven spray or karate. Leave the guns and knives to "professionals.

I'm not suggesting that only professionals have weapons. I'm suggesting that weapon wielders have training.

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