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So you think Sipowicz is Arrogant?

It seems to me that a LEO, who by the nature of their job and their responsibility "To Serve and To Protect", ought to have special weapons available to them to handle BG's they confront on a daily basis. Joe citizen working in a convenience store is in harm's way by the nature of his job, but he doesn't have to go chasing BG's or break into crack dens. And a baton doesn't do much good when the BG is willing to kill for the change in the register and is 5 feet away on the other side of the counter.

Also, LEO's are trained and qualify in the use of force and aggression. And they're closely supervised from the time they're Rookies 'til retirement. The guys buying Bushmasters at gun shows aren't held to the same standards.

The second amendment says you have a right to bear arms. In my mind, if you wanted an F-16, you should be able to carry Sidewinders and garage it. Practically speaking, I'd rather have a .45 and not drive into known areas of ill will.

Preacher, I live alot farther South than you, and I can tell you, we respect LEO's in our neighborhood. If anyone needs to be dis'ed, it's Osama and his buddies.

If you wanna carry an assortment of weapons, join the Seals or the Sheriff's department. If you want to cuff someone, find a young lady who likes it kinky.

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