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if the bad guy is coming out of holster at 3-8 feet (interview distance) your pretty screwed at that point if he knows what he is doing. You reaction time to his action at that distance pretty much guarantees you lose.

In the real world at that distance the bad guy wins. If you dont believe me look at presidential assassination attempts history. The gun always gets out - squeaky lynette fromme and sarah jane moore werent successful not because of the USSS quick reaction times it was because they never shot guns.

Andrew jackson assailant pointed it at him and id was unsuccessful because the balls fell out of the gun, Garfield , Mckinnley, Lincoln all pistols all dead, Teddy roosevelt shot by a pistol. and John Hinkley shot Reagan while the USSS was all around him - Bottom Line at that distance - action trumps reaction

Thats why the head of state (HOS) details dont train to draw at that distance if your in the close proximity detail and your next to the bad guy - they go for the gun and trap it and use their IADs to sort it out from there

time between trigger pulls dont mean anything in the big picture - the time you should be training for is the time from the stimulus (ie. pro timer) to the time it takes to come from the holster and put rounds in the kill zone.

My course standard at 7 meters and into the kill zone from the holster for that first shot is under 1 second. My course standard for double tap (controlled pair) is under 1.5. most times hover nearer the one second mark for both shots.
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