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S&W M57, had a burr on the firing pin bushing, locked the gun up on the first shot...stoned it off, no further problems.

Circa '70's Colt Combat Commander, came with a burr on the barrel shroud, the Sheriff Deputy could not rank the slide open when inspecting it for a Michigan "Safety Inspection Certificate"...stoned it off, never a problem with that gun again.

Circa '70's Colt Series 70 1911, extractor tension incorrect, would jam empties into magazine lips locking up the gun. Applied correct tension to extractor, no more problem.

Circa '70's Colt Combat Commander .38 Super, incorrect positioning of slide recoil lugs, peened the barrel lugs severly...would still fire, never locked up...had to get a new slide and barrel.

Current production, about two years ago, Colt XSE Combat Commander, underpowered recoil spring, would lock the slide in open position (stoppage). Fixed that, then weak firing pin spring, would allow the firing pin stop to drop down during firing, locking up the gun. After swapping out both springs, no more problems. Both grips were poorly checkered, but that was a cosmetic Q.C. problem, not functional issue.

I do not consider the problems I had with the Colts (four out of four) to be any indication of a propensity for 1911's for failure. I consider the problems I had to be a manifestation of a lack of quality control, incompetent Q.C. management, or lack of requisite skills of Q.C. management. Now that Ruger has come out with a 1911, I cannot envision ever buying a Colt 1911 again...I do not need the aggravation, and I am certainly not going to pay more to get it.

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