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Will Fobus belt holsters work for IDPA?


Will Fobus mag pouches work for IDPA if they are the kind that clip over a belt?


Are the new uncle mikes (blade tec clone) holsters IDPA approved?


Can mag pouches have velcro enclosures on them in IDPA?


How many 8 round mags would I need for my 1911?

You can carry two in a mag pouch and one in the gun. There is no stages that require more than 18 rounds.

Can I carry the mags in my back pocket?

Yes. In addition to the one in the gun and two in the mag pouch.

Can I use my 10 round mags in my 1911?

Definitely NO. A gun with this magazine would not fit in the IDPA box.

Will my Hi-Cap beretta 92 work for IDPA? Will 2-15 round mags be enough?

You can use 15 round mags, but you can only load 10 rounds in it.

Will My Glock 27 work for IDPA?


How many ten round mags will I need (I have the +1 round mag extensions on them)?

2 in mag pouch, and one in the gun. You can carry others in your pocket(s) if you wish. A stage maximum number of shots is 18. Most stages require 6 to 12.

If you were going to shoot an IDPA a match for the first time what would you shoot, a hi-cap Beretta 92, a Glock 27 with +1 mag extensions or a 1911 with 8 or 10 round mags.

You shoot whatever is more comfortable for you, what you know best.

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