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Patrick Graham
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I've never shot IDPA before but I'm going to start and I need some info.

Will Fobus belt holsters work for IDPA?

Will Fobus mag pouches work for IDPA if they are the kind that clip over a belt?

Are the new uncle mikes (blade tec clone) holsters IDPA approved?

Can mag pouches have velcro enclosures on them in IDPA?

How many 8 round mags would I need for my 1911?
Can I carry the mags in my back pocket?
Can I use my 10 round mags in my 1911?

Will my Hi-Cap beretta 92 work for IDPA? Will 2-15 round mags be enough?

Will My Glock 27 work for IDPA? How many ten round mags will I need (I have the +1 round mag extensions on them)?

If you were going to shoot an IDPA a match for the first time what would you shoot, a hi-cap Beretta 92, a Glock 27 with +1 mag extensions or a 1911 with 8 or 10 round mags.

As you can tell I've never shot an IDPA match before and I don't have a clue.

Patrick Graham
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