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Literally every single friend I have that is ROTC, Army, Navy, National Guard, or Veteran shares my views as strongly as I do.
And literally every single one of Pauline Kael's friends voted against Richard Nixon.

I retired 12 years ago, and things have changed in the Army a lot since then, but I wold not then nor would I now swear that no one would obey such orders.
There would probably be a lot of "monkey wrenching" going on, pretending to follow the orders while actually coming back and saying "Sorry, sir, no one home..."
But I have little faith in the officer corps, and many senior NCOs*, not to say "Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full sir" and order the untermenshcen loaded into the cattle cars. For the children.

*Being made company First Sergeant while a Sergeant First Class was a real eye-opener, ruined my impression of Sergeants Major, and settled the question of whether I would stay as long as Uncle let me or retire at 20. 20 it was...
I hate to disillusion any of you who ares till serving.
Imagine you're an idiot. Now imagine that you're in Congress--but I repeat myself."
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