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opinionated lefty

Left handed bolt actions are more properly known as "rifles with the bolts on the correct side".

If you shoot southpaw you should have correct side bolts. They are safer, won't be borrowed as much, and allow fast follow up shots.

Twice I've followed up first shot hits to anchor animals within a second or two. Once was a cow elk in deep snow teetering on a ridge above a deep, steep canyon. The first lung shot spun her 180, the second went in next to the exit hole and came out by the first entrance wound. She dropped there.

If you lefties shooting wrong handed bolts are on to such a good thing then why aren't the righties shooting correct sided bolts like me?

To cycle a magazine fed bolt action properly should barely disturb your sight picture. In fact a lever gun or pump should similarly not overly disturb sight picture, grip, posture, etc.
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