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Hodgdon/Hornady Superformance Powder

I would imagine that this subject has been beaten to death, yet a search is turning up no threads; so I will go ahead and ask the question.

Hornady seems to be loading "Superformance" ammo in many cartridges, but the powder I see for sale only lists a small fraction of them as being compatible with the that because Hornady has more than one blend of Superformance and they just haven't released them all for use by reloaders? Or have they just left some cartridges off the approved list, even though they use the powder in them themselves?

I also would like to hear from anyone with experience with this powder, as to how temperature stable it is...that is one thing I look for in any powder before I begin to experiment with it, because I know I will be shooting in freezing cold and blistering heat.

Last question ... you had to know this one was coming ;-) ... is it really what they say it is?
By thier claims a 300RUM is suddenly a LOT less appealing, because All that extra powder would now net me Very Little gain, over a simple 300wsm (both using 165gr or 180gr bullets)
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