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Seems to me all they were doing at the point you hit them was touching the fence. You attempted to cripple them over touching your fence?

What ever happened to "get the hell outta here" or "Whatcha doing in my yard"? I would think that is where I would start before trying to cause GBH with a hammer.

I wasn't there I understand that. But when does hoping a fence constitute a grave threat to harm you. Particularly at three pm. Three am I can be convinced something was up. But three PM means schools out. May be your daughter or your neighbors daughter invited them over but they got interupted. Maybe they were trying to meet one of the above girls and found out you where home. Until you have good reason to suspect they meant you harm I have to say you were WAY over the line.

The more I sit here and re think this and re read this, I get really angry over the tone that a few have taken here about "Hoooo Boy!! That be some fun smashing some kids hand for touching your fence!!!"

Without knowing what those kids were doing I would say you have probably opened a can of whooppaaass on your self. If that had been me just being a kid, not in the commission of any crime but just cutting through a yard and you had smashed my hand. There would be nothing of your property which would be safe. Nothing. Call me an un-repentant juvie or whatever, but
smashing my hand without warning or cause would put you on the perpetual ****list for all time.

I just can't get over not saying "Whatcha doing in my yard" before playing blacksmith on some kids hand.

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