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According to this, criminal trespass in Tennessee is a Class C Misdemeanor and can be punished by a fine or a sentence of up to 30 days in jail. Tenn. Code Ann. 40-35-111 (2006). "If the accused person uses force to enter the property and has knowledge that the owner has not consented to the entry, the trespass is criminal. A fence or enclosure around the property can convey the owner’s lack of effective consent. Otherwise the offense is a civil one that will not result in criminal charges."


However, I find no mention of the use of force in the law itself:

I do find it noteworthy that the law states that "entry" means that the person's entire body has entered, and that if the person leaves upon request he will not be prosecuted.

Where I live, the county police are given a great deal of legal instruction. Apparently that's not the case in the department that responded to the OP.
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