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I woulda done the same thing, except I woulda thrown something, even my phone if I had to.
I wouldn't put anything across the fence as that would be a crime I bet....

Sound like a bunch of kids just messing around jumping fences.
Very possibly was just that. But don't go crossing MY FENCE My fence is there so that only the invited are "messing around" in my yard...

I probably wouldn't have gone out, even if armed. But only a hammer? You ain't Thor. 4 to 1?
As was proven here... most deviant youth are not truly tuff... once one goes down many if not all the rest will flee like trash can rats when they here the garbage truck...
Had it been in florida and any had crossed back into my yard it would have been Head Busta time...

Do these punks actually just mess around tearing up folks high dollar fences or were they fleeing a home up the street that they had been attempting to B&E when scared off like the little punks they are...
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