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Four males jump your fence

One of the few times that I was not ready I had 4 young males jump my 6 foot privacy fence. I had to work most of the night Friday evening and early Saturday morning. I took about an hour and a half nap, I was wakened by my wife to hear that we had 4 young males running through the backyard. I looked out the window to see the last two hop up and over my privacy fence.

Well in a half sleepy daze I grabbed a pair of shoes and told the wife to call the police (not 911). I got to about 10 foot from the back fence and could see the males on the other side. I realized at that time I was unarmed and a bit nervous. I was standing near my wood pile and remembered I had left my small 10 pound mallet on top if the wood pile. I grabbed the mallet and hear my wife whistle for me.

I turn around to see her holding her 20 ga. for me to come a get. That is when I hear the idiots jumping back on the fence. I turn around and get to the fence as two of them are trying to get over the fence. I see two sets of hands and use the only thing I have at the time, the mallet.

I hit the first hand hard, he drops and starts yelling, the second sets keeps hanging on the fence as his buddy is trying to get up. So I figure he wants what his buddy got, and I am more than happy to give it to him. Well I guess they figure it was not safe to cross back over and they haul on through the next yard.

By the time I got back to the house I had a cop pulling up in the yard. Told him what happened and that with the odds of 4 to 1 I was out numbered and did what I had to do to keep them from entering the yard. He said they committed a class A felony and if he could find them I could press charges. I told him that two of them should be pretty easy to find, they would have a sore right hand.
I know I should have not smacked them with the mallet but I was tired and **** that they would do this at 3 in the afternoon. I know if they did catch them nothing would have been done and maybe they might come back to get revenge. I am just ****** at what this city has turned into and can not wait till I can get out of it. Thanks for the rant.
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