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M1 Carbine

Sorry, My real question here is can not pulling the trigger back completly be the problem or is it a problem with the trigger assembly parts? Since we have just gotten started in shooting and I am new to the Firing Line, is there another forum that I should ask this question?


My son has an M1 Carbine that was his grandpa's Serial # 1217200 Winchester Repeating Arms Co.
1,000,000 - 1,349,999 (Sept. 1942 - Feb. 1944).

We both really enjoy shooting and working on his M1 Carbine.

Recently when my son and I were shooting the trigger would not fire. I disassembled the trigger assembly, cleaned same and it appeared to fire okay. When we went out to test, the same thing happened and I took it apart again and noticed that Sear needs to go back when the trigger is pulled back to the rear and again it appeared to be working correctly.

Tried again and I told my son to insure the trigger was completely pulled to the rear and when releasing the trigger you can then feel the Sear advance to the rear allowing the trigger to push up on the Sear and release the Hammer.

Doing that the rifle fires every shot in the magazine without getting the Sear stuck forward.

Is his M1 firing normally or are the parts worn, etc.?


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