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Don't know what the law was when you moved in the 1990s. I would only be worried if you were required to register the handgun when you entered the state in the 1990s, and DID NOT . Today you are required to register the guns upon establishing residency.

Any investigation (self-defense use etc.) might show that you are in possesion of pre-ban magazines with no evidence that you owned them legally in state before 2000. I think the grandfather clause says they are legal if owned and registered in-state prior to 2000.

Current DOJ says... ammunition feeding devices with the capacity to accept greater that 10 rounds may not be transported into California.

With no evidence that they were legal prior to the ban in 2000, they might make the leap that you illegaly "imported" them "recently"

If you did register them in the 1990s, you should be completely in the clear
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