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CA high capacity magazine legalities?

I'm now a California resident that moved from Oregon in the mid 90's. While in Oregon, I purchased a Glock 23 handgun what came with 2 thirteen round clips (.40 Caliber) and brought it with me during the move. When I came into the state, I did everything that was requested by the CA DOJ but haven't really been following any legal changes since entering the state.

I'm particularly interested in this pre-ban/post-ban high capacity magazine limitation that I have recently read about. This firearm is meant primarily for home defense so I'm wanting to be fully compliant in every detail so that if it is ever used for defense purposes, I will be completely lawyer-proof (if that is even possible).

I have a few questions where I'd like to get your input:
1. Is it legal to own and have in my personal possession my 13 round magazines that I had before the ban?
2. Can I transport and use my pre-ban 13 round magazines at my local indoor range?
3. Is it legal to purchase replacement parts for my pre-ban 13 round magazines? (for example a replacement spring)
4. Is it legal to purchase and own new 13 round magazines as a CA resident?
5. Is it legal to purchase a magazine extension to a high capacity magazine (for example, a +2 Scherer extension on a 13 round mag)?
6. Should I limit myself to using 10 round magazines to make myself more lawyer-proof in the event of an altercation?

One side comment that I'd like to share. I'm not particularly supportive of the thought that I might limit myself to lesser legal capacities when a criminal that breaks into my home might disregard the law and have a higher bullet capacity, thus putting me at a defensive disadvantage. I have also heard the quote, "Better to be judged by 12, than carried by 6." That said, I am aiming for complete legal compliance to continue being a responsible gun owner.

I thank you all in advance for your facts and opinions!
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