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I'm not really a fan of S&W 1911s, because they use external extractors. That aside, I have owned more Commander-size and Officers ACO-size 1911s than full-size. To me, the Commander is the optimum form factor for the 1911. For me, it balances better than a full-size, and that means it shoots better (for me) than a full-size.

Yes, you could sell both and have enough to buy a Kimber, but why would you do such a thing? A Kimber certainly isn't a better pistol (IMHO) than a S&W. You would probably spend virtually all the money you get for both to buy one Kimber. To me, that's a deal that doesn't make sense. A Commander-size 1911 is a good carry pistol and a good range pistol, so keep the S&W and sell the RIA...
I do like the form factor of a Commander sized 1911. Even without carry, the size is perfect for the gun IMO. The problem is the alloy, the weight and design combo makes it start to get uncomfortable after a couple boxes of ammo. I don't want to just say the design or weight. My polymer SIG P250C is about the same weight, and much more comfortable to shoot in extended sessions at the range (but the trigger isn't great for long sessions at the range). The full sized Charles Daly I used to have, and the Officer sized all steel RIA I have are much more comfortable in long sessions so it isn't just the design. But something about the slim 1911 design and the light weight doesn't work in combination for me in long days at the range. Maybe I could look for an all steel Commander sized 1911 instead of the full-sized, but the full sized would be easier to find.

As for the Kimber, I am sure the S&W is overall a better gun. However, a Kimber is the best looking gun in its price range IMO. I know they are known for being more problematic than a S&W, SIG or SA 1911. However, for a range only gun, occasionally stopping to rack the slide to clear a FTF or FTE isn't such a big deal, it will still be a fun gun, and it will be one of the best looking guns to take out of my safe occasionally to admire when not shooting it. Also, the SA or Colt would more likely be the way I go. That might leave me a little extra money after selling, but yes, it would mostly be about selling two guns that were what I wanted at the time (1911 carry guns) for something that better suits me now, just a pretty even exchange.

I really can't help you here. I love the CZ-75 Compact, so that's the one I would keep. Your affections lean in a different direction.
I definitely like the Compact, quite a bit in fact. However, I prefer DA/SA with a decocker over cocked and locked condition 1, or manually lowering the hammer to carry in DA mode. Also, for carry, when I got it, I found there was little difference to me between the heavier steel gun and a lighter aluminum alloy. But, since Sept I have lost between 85 to almost 90 pounds (and I'm still losing, though pretty slowly at this point). I think I'd notice a bigger difference on my belt than I did then. Heck, since the weight loss I've mostly carried the Taurus 856UL when I could carry, I may find my favored carry guns (traditional compacts like the 75 Compact/PCR/P01/P229) may be too big now, I don't know (I'll find out tomorrow, I'm heading down to VA overnight tomorrow through Sun morning). So, if it is going to be used for mainly range purposes, my full sized CZ 75B makes more sense due to being a tad larger and heavier still (and I'm never getting rid of that one- over a decade ago when I stopped counting I was well over 10K rounds, it is a sentimental favorite at this point). Though, like I said, if I decide to keep 2 of the compact CZs, the 75 Compact plus either the P01 or PCR probably makes more sense than the P01 and PCR.
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