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What puzzles me about a thread like this is, "Why just now?"

If folks don't already have a bunch of "stuff" set up for some sort of uncertain future, to me it means that they haven't been paying attention for the last ten years (I'll forgive the under-30 folks).

Things haven't look all rosy for a long time. Pick a subject: Economy, foreign affairs, political climate: All bad for everybody. But this is NOT brand new!

I've never worried about any of this SHTF stuff because all my stocking up of reloading components was based on one obvious thing: Anything I buy now is less costly than it will be next year. That's held true since back when I bought primers at $13/1,000.

Shrug. It's all "using stuff" for hunting and plinking. Obviously it would be Really Good if the world goes all to garbage, but that's not something to focus my life on.

Rant mode off.
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