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Pax's post, reloads...

I concur with Pax.
It's not meant as a insult or to be hostile over reloads/hand loaders but QC is a issue sometimes & not all reloaders may be skilled or able to have good ammunition 100% of the time.

About 8 years ago, the range I often to use to do re-quals had reloaded .38spl rounds for the students. The range officer/safety manager swore up & down the loads were great & the guy was a top reloader.
I did a string on the range with a standard 4" barrel .38spl DA revolver; BANG-BANG-BOOM-BANG-BOOM-BOOM.
The reloads were all over the place!
From then on, I made a effort to just use high quality factory loads or good ammunition for re-quals.
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